The Creators of Open Road Games


Since before meeting in 2014 Blair and Carl had very different paths that led them to the creation of Open Road Games. 

Carl was born at a very young age in central Wisconsin. After graduating high school he and his family moved to Charles Town, WV, where he fell in love with the beauty of Blue Ridge Mountains. The next few years were spent as a whitewater raft guide, and all the outdoor adventures that come with the lifestyle.  

Blair was born in Colorado but almost immediately after his birth his family moved to Nairobi, Kenya as they were continuing their career as international school teachers. From Nairobi, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to Moscow, Russia, and on to Singapore, Blair spent his entire school career as an international student. It was then when he chose Fort Collins, Colorado as his desired choice to go to university and begin his life in the United States. Once arriving in Colorado his love of the outdoors continued to grow. When he couldn't be found outside he would be found in a garage fixing up vintage bicycles and Volkswagen buses or playing board games around the dining room table. The combination of tinkering and creating was something that he was always passionate about but it was only until Blair met Carl that the two were able to combine their skill sets to create Open Road Games. 

Read the section titled The Open Road to get an insight about that first meeting and how we created The Open Road.